The world is changing rapidly, and we now face unprecedented challenges regarding energy, resources, and the design of our built environment. Due to the severity of new environmental, economic, and social imperatives, the fields of design and construction must change in order to ensure positive outcomes. This transformation will address the fundamental materials and processes used to make buildings and products, and thus represents an unparalleled opportunity for architecture and design innovation.

Transstudio is a creative laboratory dedicated to emergent materials research and the development of material-focused architecture and design applications. Created by architect, materials researcher, and sustainable building advisor Blaine Brownell, Transstudio promotes the positive transformation of the constructed environment via synergistic intersections between sustainability, technology, and design innovation. The Transstudio platform seeks to make change through multiple channels—promoting awareness, providing resources, and offering tangible solutions—in order to connect disruptive technologies with concomitant design approaches.

Key Activities:

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info [at] transstudio.com
740 Mississippi River Blvd S, Suite 16D, St Paul, MN 55116, USA

Speaking / Consulting
Contact: Tom Neilssen
BrightSight Group

Book Orders
Contact: Katherine Myers
Princeton Architectural Press

“At our particular little moment in history, the ability of individuals and small groups to rapidly expand the boundary of a key debate or practice is one of the most powerful forces around for changing the world… A great case in point is Transmaterial, Blaine Brownell’s one-man crusade to find, evaluate and report on new sustainable materials.”
Alex Steffen, Worldchanging