Reports for professional and academic audiences, industry surveys, and environmental assessments.


Material prototypes and color material finish (CMF) studies, speculative architecture and design works with immersive representations.


A range of learning opportunities including lectures, half-day or day-long seminars, and week-long intensive studios—with continuing education credit opportunities.


We probe material technology and design trends to uncover fundamental cultural, economic, and environmental insights. This knowledge enables the development of informed strategies for new products, assemblies, and resource streams.



We explore new material and design opportunities based on the study of influential trajectories in technological advancement. These speculations provide visual and/or tactile realizations of possible futures in the designed environment.


We disseminate important and useful knowledge about material technologies, sustainable strategies, and design innovation. This inculcated wisdom empowers organizations and individuals to connect specialized expertise to a broader context of social, financial, and ecological forces.