Star-Crossed Paths

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Pro-Teq Surfacing’s photoluminescent finish gives paving new life in a brilliant way.

Illuminating the outdoors can be a good—and necessary—thing in areas of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. While NighTec Leuchtsteine’s luminous pavers, Studio Roosegaarde’s Smart Highway, and BIG’s Digital Interactive Roadway are either still in the early stages of development or have proven too costly to implement market wide, U.K.–based Pro-Teq Surfacing has a solution that literally dazzles.

Starpath is a surfacing product that is sprayed onto common paving materials, such as concrete, asphalt, or timber, and it costs just under $11 per square foot. The elastomeric substance contains luminescent aggregates that absorb ultraviolet radiation during the day and release low-level lighting in the evening via photoluminescence, a process by which a material absorbs and releases photons, moving from a heightened energy state to a lower one, over time. Once the UV light penetrates Starpath’s aggregate, the treated surface will glow for up to 16 hours if blue or green aggregate is used; other colors are available but their glow is shorter lived.

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